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What is 3D Interior Design Presentation?

When it comes to starting an interior design project, Evelhaus highly prioritize 3D interior design presentation. So, what is 3D interior design presentation?

Final 3D render of Rover Music School project done in September, 2019.

To simply put, it's a 3D visualization for interior designing service that our team provide (just like most of other interior design companies do), where you can display your concept, idea, and imagination into realistic form. It shows the exact measurements, placements of furniture, lighting, and other interior elements. In fact, this service is heavily valued by architects, interior designers, and even clients, because it helps them to visualize what the space will look like. Through this method, clients and interior designers wouldn't have misunderstanding or confusion; rather, they would be on the same page - looking at a perfect scenario of the project's final result.

Examples of 3D renders before finalizing the design:

First concept of interior design for JK Hair Salon in 3D.
Different concept of design for JK Hair Salon in 3D.

You can visit here to see the final look:

3D visualization before finalizing the selection of furniture for Boda Optical.

You can visit here to see the final look:

Writer's Note for Today: Nov 14, 2019

Were you able to get a brief idea of what 3D interior design presentation is? Hope you learned something new and enjoyed reading this post. Please stay tuned for more posts to come! Thank you.

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