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Discover Evelhaus, an Interior Design Studio in Vancouver.

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

In early 2019, Evelhaus was created with a passion of providing exceptional and meaningful environment for the individuals' space, whether it will be used for business or residence. Unlike other interior design studios, Evelhaus prioritize 3D presentation to display their final objectives along with the client's vision. (Read "What is 3D Interior Design Presentation" Here: So far, Evelhaus team have been working with residences, retail shops, and other business spaces - always thrilled to start a new project!

This image includes projects that we have worked with, such as hair salon, optical shop, and private residence.

How do you start a project with Evelhaus?

You can always contact us through email or call 604 338 8704. Also, give a read of our Services page to learn how our project process work. It will be helpful to have your concepts, requirements, and estimate of your budget ready before contacting us. (If anything, we can help you find your own style and needs!)

Writer's Note for Today: Nov 7, 2019

Thank you for taking your time to read Evelhaus's very first post! Please stay tuned for our new articles, news, and stories to come. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this post, feel free to email me at Thank you :)

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