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Introducing Boda Optical Interior Design

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

This presents final look of Boda Optical in 3D.

Evelhaus successfully made a major transformation from an ordinary yoga studio to an exceptional, convenient, and astonishing optical shop in Port Coquitlam - Boda Optical.

Watch Before & After video clip here:

To bring the best experience of the optical shop, Evelhaus and Boda Optical decided to come up with a stimulating environment concept that would appeal to the senses. For this matter, we united the given space with environmental decorations while using the bright colored plywood as a core material.

Evelhaus's customized pegboard on the wall makes the full use of the space.

To maximize practicality of the space, our team created a customized #pegboard and installed it as a wall. Boda Optical can adjust on their own for the desired position of shelves, and they have put glasses along with decorations!

Writer's Note for Today: Nov12, 2019

How do you guys like Boda Optical interior design created by our team? You can visit for Boda Optical's official website. If you want to see more photos of Boda Optical final look, check out

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