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Thomas J.C. Eun

Standing Advisior

Mechanical Integrity and Materials Engineering



Mechanical Design

- Facilities : Reactors (Heavy wall), Columns, Drums, Heat Exchangers, Cold Boxes, Tanks, Pipelines, Boilers-Heaters-Refomers-TLE, Crushers, Extraction, Shovels, Hoppers, Cyclones, Pumps, Flares-Burners, Piping, Pipelines, Structures and Packages

- Design and Rerating : Strength calculation with Compress/PV Elite/Caesar II/bolt torqueing/pressure tests, fatigue-KDF, creep-rupture analysis, optimization of industry codes & standards, materials selection, development of project specifications, mechanical datasheet including specific notes, pneumatic test procedure, bolt torqueing calculation, etc.), P.O. Requisition, TBE, Vendor Documents (calculation, fabrication drawings, procedures, etc.) Review, Co-ordination with Equipment Vendors (mostly for spec deviations and NCR), Cost Evaluation, Engineering Economics, Vendor Shop Survey, and Cost Evaluation  

Materials Engineering, Corrosion Control, and Welding

- Solid Process and Operating Concept (including PDB, PFD, UFD, Heat & Materials Balances, P&ID, MSD)

- Damage mechanisms, equimpment/piping design, materials selection (base metal and welding electrodes), chemical analysis, CP, coating/lining/plating, chemical treatment, welding, DE (Mechanical Test)/NDE for base metal/PQR/ production, reliability, trouble shooting, optimizing of the application of industry codes/ standards, inspection & repair procedure, evaluation of remaining (end of) life, chemical analysis, hardfacing, heat-treatment, hot tapping, pigging, and project schedule

- Handled Materials : Carbon Steels (resistance of SSC, HIC, coarse & fine grain), Low Alloy Steels (Cr-Mo-V/9Cr-1Mo-V, 2 ¼ to 9Ni Steels-cryogenic, Q-T Steels-OCTG, TMCP), Stainless Steels (FSS, MSS, ASS, PHSS, and DSS), Nickel Alloys (Alloy 20, SX, ZeCor, Saramet, Safurex, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Incoloy, HK, HP, etc.-P. No.43.44.45), Hard Facing (stellite), Aluminum Alloys (3xxx,5xxx,6xxx), Copper Alloys, Titanium Alloys, API 5Lxx, 6Axx, and Non-Metals (Thermo Plastics-PVC/CPVC/ PP/ PVDF/PE/PEEK/ PTFE/ Derakane, Elastomer, Composites-FRP/GRP, Ceramics/Glass, Carbon/Graphite, Insulation, Refractory, etc.)

- Corrosion (general, corrosion rate calculation, seawater corroison, erosion with velocity-flow accelerated/ particles/ corrosive environments/ cavitation/geometry effects/wear resistant materials-API RP14E and DNV RPO501, pitting/crevice, galvanic, chloride SCC, CUI, wet H2S service-HIC/SSC/CO2-H2S (with Predict, ECE, Norsok M-506, de Waard and Milliams, etc.), HE, Inorganic acids (H2SO4, HCl, HNO3, HF, etc.), Salt Deposits (NH4HS, NH4Cl), amine, caustic, SRB, filiform, high temperature oxidation/ sulfidation/ HTHA (API RP/TR941/temper embrittlement/ reheat cracking/ graphitization/ nitriding/ carburization & metal dusting (MTI publ. 52, NiDI 10001, NACE TM0498, API RP571, G.Y. Lai’s book, NACE papers)/hot spot-irradiation analysis, PASCC) Mitigation & Management (internal & external coating/galvanizing/lining-combination, Materials Selection, CP design/measured data review (internal & external), chemical treatment-injection/mixing point design, etc), On Stream Monitoring/ILI (Weight Loss Coupons, ER Probes, LPR Probes, UT thickness, TML, CML), Interpretation of Test & Inspection Data, Cleaning and Smart Pigging (including IRIS, QI-LOTIS/FTIS)

- Welding and Heat Treatment

WPS, PQR, new process development, dissimilar weld, filler selection, welding process selection--SM/SA/GT/GM/FC/ES/EG/PA, failure mechanism analysis, welders’ qualification, welding sequence and joint detil selection, narrow gap design, orbital welding, Weld Overlay (SAW, ESW, laser & thermal spray welding, cutback design), Explosion Bonding, Controlled Deposit Welding (temper bead, half bead) & Buttering Welding, Repair Welding, Brazing & Soldering, Ceq-preheat-interpass temperature-postheat, Heat-Treatment (furnace or local PWHT, stress relieving, quenching-tempering, normalizing-tempering, double-tempering, solution/ stabilizing heat-treatment, ISR, DHT, sub-zero treatment, etc.), Hot Tapping, Surface Treatment (Stellite hardfacing, thermal spray and passivation), Craking analysis-hydrogen embrittlment, solidification crack, lamellar tearing, LME, DMC, diffusible hydrogen control and baking out.

- Deliverable Documents performed

Adequacy Reports for Equipment and Piping (mechanical & metallurgy)


CCD (corrosion control documents)

CML (corrosion monitoring locations/assessment)

Corrosion Loop & Damage Mechanism Diagrams

CRAS (corrosion risk assessment study)

Input and Evaluation for Risk Base Evaluation Software Programs

Inspection Strategy

MSP (materials selection philosophy) – early design

MSG (materials selection guideline) – early design

MST (materials selection table)

MSW (materials selection worksheet)

MSD (materials selection diagram)

MSR (materials selection report)

RLE (remaining lifetime evaluation)

Reports for Problem Solving, RCFA (root cause failure analysis), Case Studies, and Test & Inspection

Specifications and Manuals for Materials and Corrosion Control

TML (thickness monitoring locations)

CML (corrosion monitoring locations)

Reliability and Integrity with Design, Fabrication, Construction, Operating, ILI, and Maintenance

- Operating Assets Integrity, Strength Calculation (Compress, PV-Elite), fatigue, creep-rupture analysis with Larson-Miller or Hollomon-Jaffe parameter for new & re-rating, PSM, PHA Analysis, KPI, Trouble Shooting, RCFA (damage mechanisms damage mechanisms from base metal, fabrication records, repair histories, process data-past & current, upset conditions, and other resources), FMEA, CMMS, HAZOP, IOW, MOC-Scoping Study based on process harzard study, CCD, QA-QC, ITP, Project Specifications, Procedure & Plan for Repair & Remedy, RBI-RBMI analysis/ management, Remaining Life Assessment, Problem Solver & Decision Maker and Fired Damage Assessments with Design Life and End of Life

- Optimizing of the Application and Interpretation of Industry Codes & Standards and Specification with Sound Theoretical Concept - e.g., ASME (Sec.I, II, V, VIII-D1&2, IX, B31.1, B31.3 & 31.8, B16.xx, PCC-1/2/3, STS-1), API (equipment, pipes, welding, corrosion & materials, RBI-510, 570, 571, 572, 573, 574, 575, 577, 579, 580, 581, 584, 653, 650, 610, 617, 660, 661, 582, 1104, 970, etc.), TEMA, ALPEMA, ASTM, NACE (MR0175/ISO15156, MR0103/ISO17945, etc.), ANSI/AWWA, EEMUA, AWS, WRC, ISO, NBIC, CSA, PIP, BS-EN, MTI, AFPM, DNV, Norsok, OSHA/HSEC, and TWI/NiDI reports

- Test and Inspection and The Analysis (with API RP586 and ASME PCC-3) - intrusive / non-intrusive: QA-QC, DE (tensile, bend, toughness-CVN, IZOD, CTOD, DWT, fatigue, disbonding, creep-rupture, etc) & NDE (MT-EMAT, PT, RT, UT-TOFD/PAUT, ECT-RFECT-ECA, AE, IRIS, etc.), Corrosion Tests (IGC, pitting, SCC, SSC, HIC, ASTM A923, salt spray, Cu/CuSO4, MIC, galvanic, fatigue corrosion, etc.), Hardness Test, Microstructure Tests (Optical, SEM, EDS) including Replica Test, CUI, PMI, and Pressure Tests- Selection of Procedures and Acceptance Categories, and Chemical Composition Analysis

Executed Projects 

Oil & Gas Production & Midstreams Plants (Onshore) (OCTG, Pump stations, Separation, Dehydration, Sweetening, Glycol Regeneration, Mercury Removal, AGRU, Pipeline, etc.)           

  • Khulud Gas Development Phase-1, Oman

  • Zora Gas Plant, Sharjah, UAE

  • BGC-Shell NGL Project, Iraq

  • Chevron Dehydration Plant, USA

  • West Texas Gas Plant, USA

  • Petrobras Carmopolis Amine Plant, Brazil

  • PDO Tayseer Early Gas Development Project, Oman

  • PetroEdge Gas Plants, Multi-locations, USA

  • Murphy Gas Plants, Multi-locations, USA

  • Sinopec Wen Gas Plants, Multi-locations, China

  • Petrobras Siririzinho Jordao Gas Plant, Brazil

  • ADCO Al Dabb'iya Surface Facilities - Phase III, UAE

  • BGC, Rumaila Full Field Development, Compressor Station, Iraq

  • MEG Energy_WorleyParsons Christina Lake Project, Christina Lake, AB, Canada

  • NWR Sturgeon Refinery (130,000 BPD) Projects, Redwater, AB, Canada

  • NWR Air Liquide Project, Redwater, AB, Canada

  • NWR Air Liquide Project (heavy wall vessels), Redwater, AB, Canada

  • Suncor Energy (SAGD, Mining)-Contact Engineer, Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

  • Phillips Alaska Inc., Alpine Capacity Expansion Project, Alaska, USA


Oil Refinery Plants (DRU, CDU, VDU, DCU, CCU, CRU, NHT, DHT, KHT, GOHT, GDU, ADS, Alkylation, Isomerization, Hydrogen, BTX, SRU, SWS, Offsite, Utility)            

- BP Whiting, NHT, Indiana, USA

- BP-H Toledo Refinery Complex, Ohio, USA Husky Lima Complex, USA

- Marathon ROSE Texas City, USA

- Phillips 66 FCC, Billings, Montana, USA

- S-Oil HGO_HGT, S. Korea

- Shell Refinery ROSE Plant, Pernis, Netherlands

- Shell PDVSA, DHT, Venezuela

- Delaware City Refinery Revamping, USA

- Air Products, Co-Generation Plants, UK

- RDP Refinery Plants, Ecuador

- North Atlantic Refinery, Canada

- ExxonMobil Diesel, Singapore

- Valero CCP Revamping Project, Port Arthur, Texas

- Petrobras Refinery Complex, Brazil

- EcoPetrol Refinery Complex, Colombia

- Reficar Refinery Complex, Colombia

  • BP Refinery Plants in USA (Revamping Plants in Whiting, Toledo, Cherry Point)

  • BP Oil & Gas Production Plants in USA (Production: in New Mexico and Colorado)

  • BP (Now Marathon) Texas City Refinery (CDU, VDU, DCU, CCU, CRU, NHT, DHT, KHT, GOHT, GDU, ADS, Alkylation, Isomerization, H2, BTX, SRU, SWS, Utilities) in US-As a contact engineer

  • ExxonMobil-Baton Rouge/Baytown and Mobile Bay Consolidation Pipeline Project, Shell Motiva, Flint Hills Resources, Marathon, LyondellBasell, ConocoPhillips, Valero, Murphy, etc,

  • COOP Refinery Extension Project, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Petro-Canada (now Suncor Energy), Refinery Extension Project, Edmonton, AB, Canada

  • Suncor Energy (Upgrading, SAGD, Mining)-Contact Engineer, Fort McMurray, AB, Canada

  • GS-Caltex-(Chevron) Refinery Plants-(Refined Oil Production: 785,000 barrels/day)- integrity, maintenance, design, rerating, FFS with Chevron technologies, S. Korea

-   TPI  150,000 BRL Oil Refinery Expansion Project, Thailand

-   Hyundai Oil Refinery Project, S. Korea

-   TPI Splitter Project (ADU, HDS, VDU, SEU, DAU, ABU, PDU, SWS), Thailand

- TPI Refy 1 Oil Refinery Expansion Project, Thailand

- CENCO Oil Refinery Project, LA., CA, USA

- NODCO Oil Refinery Expansion Project, Qatar

- Ssyoil (now Aramco) BCC phase II Project (OSBL), Onsan, S. Korea

- WGI Used Lube Oil Refinery Project, Indonesia

- TPI Splitter Project phase I (ADU, SWS) Project, Thailand

- Baku Crude Oil Refinery Project, Azerbaijan


Petrochemical & Chemical Plants (NC-Ethylene/Butadien, Ethane, PP, HDPE, LDPE, VCM, ABS, HIPS, SAN, PVC, Chlor-Alkali, PA, AN, Acids, Alkaline, TiO2, etc.)

- KPIC Ethylene, S. Korea

- SinoChem Ethylene, China

- Indorama Ethane Cracker, LA, USA

- Karnalyte Potash Plant, Canada

- Aramco-Dow RTIP, Fertile, KSA

- LG Petrochemical (Ethylene, Ammonia Plant, etc.) Plant- -materials, corrosion, welding, FFS, S. Korea

- TPC VCM Project, Thailand

- LG DAGU PVC Project, China

- Petrowidada PA Project, Indonesia

- Otsuka Casei Multi Purpose Chemical Pilot Project, Japan

- KMF PTSC Project, S. Korea

- Goldenkey SM Package Project (SM, ABS, HIPS & SAN, etc., Indonesia

- LG Chemical Plants (PP, HDPE, SM, VCM, ABS, HIPS & SAN, AN, PVC, etc.), S. Korea

- LG-Dow Chemical Plants (Polycarbonates), S. Korea

- LG Petrochemical (Ethylene) Plant, S. Korea

- LG Chemical Ltd., 88 Octanol Project, S. Korea

- LG Chemical Ltd., Acrylonitrile Project, S. Korea

- Honam Ethylene SM Project, S. Korea

- POSCO 2nd Cold Roll Project (Furnaces), S. Korea

- Korea Petrochemical Project (Cryogenic Tanks), S. Korea

- Pusan Gas Project (Cryogenic Tanks), S. Korea

- KNPC New GOD Project, Kuwait

- Petrowidada PA No.3 Project, Indonesia

- TPC VCM Project, Thailand

- LG DAGU PVC Project, China

- Petrowidada PA Project, Indonesia

- Dongsea Petrochemical EDTA Project, Ulsan, S. Korea

- LG Chemical Ltd., Oxo-alcohol, Acrylate and Chlor-alkali Project, Yochon, S. Korea

- Korea Pump Co-generation Project, Chungju, S. Korea

- Otsuka Casei Multi Purpose Pilot Project, Japan

- TPC VCM Project, Thailand

- LG DAGU PVC Project, China

- Petrowidada PA Project, Indonesia

- Dongsea Petrochemical EDTA Project, Ulsan, S. Korea

- LG Chemical Ltd., Oxo-alcohol, Acrylate and Chlor-alkali Project, Yochon, S. Korea

- Korea Pump Co-generation Project, Chungju, S. Korea

- Samnam Petrochemical K2 Project (PX), Yochon, S. Korea

- KMF DCPD Project, Inchon, S. Korea


LNG & FLNG and NGL Plants

  • LNG Canada (3.23 Bcfd), Kitimat, BC, Canada

  • Venture Global CPLNG (1.3 Bcfd), Calcasieu Pass, LA, USA

  • Venture Global PLNG (2.7 Bcfd), Plaquemines (Delta LNG), LA, USA

  • Haike Ruilin LPG Utilization Project, China

  • Cheniere Corpus Christi LNG Export Terminal and Pipeline Project, TX, USA

  • Cheniere Sabine Pass LNG Export Terminal and Pipeline Project, LA, USA

  • Brass-LNG Export Terminal and Pipeline Project, Offshore (Topsides and Pipelines) & Onshore, Nigeria

  • G-LNG Export Terminal and Pipeline Project, Onshore, Australia

  • WEND (West Nigger Delta) NGL Plant, Nigeria

  •   Magnolia LNG (1.08 Bcfd), LA, USA

  • Sempra –Cameron Hackberry LNG (1.7 Bcfd), LA, USA

  • Pyeongtaek, LNG Terminal Import Terminal Project, S. Korea


Ammonia & Urea Plants

- Agrium Ammonia Plant, Borger TX, USA

- QAFCO Ammonia Plant, Qatar

- SAFCO Ammonia Plant, Saudi Arabia

- Petrokemija Ammonia Plant, Croatia

- KNPC 4th Ammonia Project (Cryogenic Service-Columns, Pressure Vessels, H/EX, and Tanks), Kuwait

- Namhae Ammonia Plant, S. Korea


Offshore Plants

- BP Offshore GOM, Mad Dog –Topsides Redevelopment Project (Phase II), USA

- BP Offshore GOM Redevelopment Projects (Atlantis, Holstein, Mad Dog, Nakika, ThunderHorse), USA

- Chevron N’Dola Offshore Plants, Angola

- Hess FPSO-Topsides, Ghana

- Husky Oil FPSO (Topsides) Project, East Canada   

- Aramco Marjan offshore Project, Saudi Arabia

- Aramco Zuluf offshore Project, Saudi Arabia

- SSB Offshore Project, Malaysia

- ONGC Offshore Project, India

Power & Nuclear Power Plants

-   Vogt Power International, Power Extension Project, Louisville KY, USA

- TransAlta, Power Extension Project, Edmonton AB, Canada

- Boryeoung Power Extension Project, S. Korea

- Dangjin Power Extension Project, S. Korea

- SinGori New Nuclear Power Extension Project, S. Korea


Utility Plants     2019 to present

- Waste/process/ boiler water treatment/nitrogen/air/fresh water, demineralized & fire water, ammonia, chemicals, hot oil, etc.


- NACE International Corrosion Specialist, USA

- NACE International Materials Selection/Design Specialist, USA

- Professional Engineer in Mechanical Engineering, Alberta, Canada

- Professional Engineer in Mechanical Engineering, BC, Canada

- Professional Engineer in Welding, S. Korea

- Professional Engineer in Metallurgical Engineering, S. Korea


- Books



- Member of API/NACE Technical Committees (DSS/Cr-Mo-(V)/Pipes, Corrosion-API 571/CUI-API RP538 & NACE RP0198/Wet H2S/CO2/SCC/High Temperature Sulfidation-API 939-C & NACE #34103, HTHA-API 941, PASCC/Amine/ HF/Caustic/Mixing Point, Welding, RBI, PMI, MPT) since 2006

- Member of NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers), USA since 1992

- NACE Certification Approver, USA since 2006

- NACE Papers Reviewer, USA since 2014

- MTI Member, since 2015

- Member of The Residual Life Evaluation Society of Korea since 1992, S. Korea

Lectures and Seminars

Teaching and counselling more than 5,500 people in Korea, Canada, Middle East, and USA

- Mechanical Design, Integrity, Failure Analysis (RCFA), and Optimization of Industry Codes & Standards (ASME, API, NACE, ASTM, AWS, MTI, ABS, Norsok, DNV, Local Regulations with Trouble Shooting, Case Studies, and New/Advanced Technologies, etc.

- Damage Mechanisms, Materials Engineering, Metallurgy, Corrosion Control & Monitoring (Principles, Materials Selection, Test & Inspection, Project Specifications, Cryogenic Service, MOC Requirements, Consulting)



Lectures and Seminars

  • Oil Refinery: ADU, VDU, FCC, DCU, Catalytic Reforming, Hydrotreating (NHT, DHT, GOHT,), Hydrocracking, Isocracker, Reforming, HF Alky, Unsaturated/Saturated Gas Plant, Hydrogen Plants (production & cracking), Amine Plant, Sulfur Recovery, SWS, Tail Gas, Utilities, etc.

  • Petrochemical: BTX, Ethylene Cracker, PP, PE, EB/SM, PVC, VCM, PA, Octanol, Chlor-Alkali, etc.

  • Oil & Gas Production and Purification in Offshore & Onshore; and Oil Sands (SAGD & Upgrading)

Others: Ammonia, Urea, LNG, (Nuclear), Phenol, Power Plants, Ships, Waste/Cooling/Boiler Water Treatment, etc.

Experienced Materials and The Selection

  • CS & LAS: Resistant to SSC, HIC, Amine, HF/ coarse & fine grain, N, N-T, Q-T, NACT, TMCP, OCTG, Line Pipes),

  • LAS: Cr-Mo-(V)/9Cr-1Mo-(V), Ni Steels-cryogenic, Q-T Steels,

  • SS: FSS, MSS, ASS, PHSS, DSS, and Super SS

  • Ni Alloys: Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Incoloy, HK, HP, etc.

  • (P. No.43.44.45), etc.

  • Al Alloys: 3xxx,5xxx,6xxx, etc.

  • Copper Alloys: Brass, Bronze, Cu-Ni, etc.

  • Ti, Zr, Ta, Nb, Mn Alloys

  • Hardfacing: Stellite, Nistelle, Deloro, Tripaloy, etc.)

  • Thermal Metal Spray: TSZ, TSA. etc.

  • Non-Metals: FRP. GRP, Plastic, Ceramic, Insulation, Refractory, Fireproofing, etc.

Experienced Codes & Standards (Design, Fabrication, Maintenance)

  • ASME: Sec.I, II, V, VIII-D1&2, IX, B31.3 & 31.8, B16.xx, PCC-1/2/3, STS-1, STP-PT-024

  • API: 510, 570, 571, 572, 573, 574, 575, 577, 579-level 1-2, 580, 581, 653, 650, 620, 610, 617, etc.

  • NACE: Materials, Corrosion, Test & Inspection

  • AWS & WRC: Welding


  • EN-ISO: Materials, Corrosion, and Equipment

  • Norsok, DNV, BSEE, US Coast Guide: Materials, Corrosion, and Equipment

  • NBIC, PIP, CSA, MTI, EEMUA, PED, AWWA, NFPA, UL: Test, Inspection, Materials, Corrosion, and Equipment

  • SSPC

  • Others: Local Regulations and Many Company Standards

Certification and Education

  • NACE accredited Materials Selection/Design Specialist, USA since 1998

  • NACE accredited Corrosion Specialist since 1999

  • P.Eng. in Mechanical, Alberta, Canada

  • P.E. in Welding, S. Korea since 1991

  • P.E. in Metallurgical Engineering, S. Korea since 1995

  • Ph.D course work completed/ Metallurgical (Corrosion), Yonsei University, S. Korea,

  • M.S./ Metallurgical (Corrosion), Yonsei University, S. Korea

  • B.S./ Mechanical, Ulsan University, S. Korea

  • Technical Instructor: For 5500 people in Korea, Middle East, Canada, and USA since 1994


Experienced Stages, 37 yrs

  • Basic Licensors (KBR, Foster Wheeler)

  • EPC Firms (Bechtel, Fluor, Jacobs, GS E&C, Exterran)

  • Manufacturing for Equipment (HHI, Dacro, Exterran)

  • Operating & Maintenance (Suncor, GS-Caltex, LG Chemical)

Experienced Corrosion Environments

  • Cold Temperature Corrosion: General, Erosion, CUI, CO2-H2S, HE, NH4HS, NH4Cl, Amine, Caustic, MIC-SRB, Filiform, Water (Cooling, Seawater, Treatment), etc.

  • High Temperature Corrosion: Oxidation, Sulfidation-Naphthenic acid with Couper-Gorman and modified McConomy curves/ Metal dusting, Carburization, Nitriding, Hot spot-irradiation analysis, etc.

  • Local & Cracking Corrosion: Pitting/Crevice, Galvanic, SCC (Chloride, Carbonate, Polythionic Acid, Nitrate, Sulfate, etc.), Wet H2S service-HIC/SSC/HF, Amine Crack, Anhydrous Ammonia Crack, Fatigue Crack, Hydrogen Embrittlement, Hydrogen Attack-HTHA, etc.

Experienced Facilities

  • Pressure Vessels (Reactors, Columns, Drums – up to 12 in. THK, 340 ft Height, 2000 Tons)

  • Heat Exchangers: Shell & Tube Type, Air Coolers, Cold Boxes, Spiral, etc.

  • Boilers & Fired Heaters:

  • Rotating Machinery: Pumps, Compressors, Blowers, etc.

  • Piping & Supports

  • Pipelines: Above- & Under-Ground

  • Tanks and Silos

  • Structures and Bridges

  • Others: Flares, and Packages

Experienced Metal Losses

  • Brittle Failure

  • Creep-Rupture Failure

  • High Temperature Aging & Graphitization

  • Heavy Wall Crack

  • Temper Embrittlement

  • Reheat Crack

  • 885⁰F (475⁰C) & Sigma Phase Embrittlement

  • Liquid Metal Embrittlement

  • Dealloy

  • Thermal Shock (Hot & Cold)

  • Hot/Cold Forming and Bending

  • Welding Failure (high residual stress, wrong WPS, bad workmanship, solidification crack, hydrogen embrittlement, DWM, etc.)

  • Dissimilar Weld Metal (DWM) Crack


Experienced Design, Fabrication and Operation

  • Materials Selection (MSG/MSP/MST/MSD/MSR/ MCA/ CRAS-CCD& C&MD, TML and CML, Piping Materials Spec, MOC in Mechanical Datasheets)

  • Corrosion Control, Failure Analysis, Remaining Life Evaluation

  • Development of Standards & Specifications

  • Strength Calculation-Compress, PV Elite, etc.

  • Fabrication (Bending, Forming, Drawing, Welding, Heat Treatment, etc.)

  • Pigging

  • Chemical Cleaning

  • OLI

  • Hot Tapping

  • DE: Tensile (Room & Hot), Compression, Bend, Toughness (Impact, CTOD), Fatigue, Creep, etc.

  • NDE: MT, PT, RT, UT, ECT, AE, etc.

  • Others: Hardness, Visual, etc.


  • Member of NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers), USA since 1992

  • Member of API/NACE Technical Committees (Materials-DSS/Cr-Mo-(V)/Pipes, Corrosion-CUI/Wet H2S/CO2/Cl-SCC/High Temperature Sulfidation, HTHA, PASCC/Amine/HF/Caustic/Mixing Point, etc., Welding, RBI, PMI, MPT, Equipment), USA since 2006

  • NACE Certification Examiner, USA since 2006

  • NACE Papers Reviewer for Refinery, USA since 2014

  • TWI and AWS, 1995-2000, at previous companies

  • Member of The Residual Life Evaluation Society of Korea since 1992, S. Korea


Quality, Speed and Trust

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